Learn English with songs

10 Jan

Learn English with songs is a good tool to teach English. There are a lot of songs with lyrics in YouTube. You can exploit this channel to work in the classroom but there are websites that collect many of these familiar songs. Here’s an example:


…but you can choose yourself the repertoire…


New resources (ready to work)

10 Jan


SparkleBox is an amazing site full of resources to work in English with your students. SparkleBox was launched as a means of sharing useful downloadable resources with teachers around the world. Every resource on the site is FREE to download.

I hope you enjoy looking around and find some useful products.

Click HERE to see the new resources that they give us. They are great to learn the vocabulary of children of all ages.

How to write a good essay

9 Jan
This is an excellent slideshare by Ana Concejero.
It serves both to students and teachers.

Rosetta Stone

9 Jan

I show to you an interactive method to learn English and that is also used for college.

Rosetta Stone is revolutionary software that teaches new languages by complete immersion in the language, without translation or grammar explanations. With Rosetta Stone, you learn and practice your new language entirely on the computer.

Traditional methods explain the meaning and structure of a new language through translation and grammar rules in your native language. As a result, you can’t understand or use your new language without thinking in your native language. This extra step slows learning and makes speaking a new language intimidating and laborious. Rosetta Stone is more effective because it eliminates native-language translation and explanations from the language-learning process, allowing you to think exclusively in the new language.

More information: http://www.rosettastone.com

Hello everyone!

5 Jan

Welcome to ESL resources.

Here begins a new project for teachers and students with a second language. Here you will find the best resources to help teach English and to practice with your students.

I hope this blog will be useful and your involvement with your comments.

Thank you so much!